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  • Author Sarah Gai

Just as Sweet PREORDER!

Hello my beautiful Curvy readers!

I am so excited to start this year, as I have so much to bring you all! To start with Just as Sweet, the first book in the Curvy Lane series has just gone on PREORDER! So here's a little blurb about it...

Alyssa- I had officially sworn of the whole blind dating thing, after winding up with flop after flop. So when Flynn Colson appears out of nowhere and lands in my candy store, I do the only thing I am prepared to do when he asks me on a date…I say no. Flynn- I wasn’t looking for love, but what do you do when you spot a curvy angel that silently calls to you like a siren? You ask her out and get hit with the rejection stick hard! But that won’t stop me. I have a plan, I just pray it doesn’t blow up in my face.

Oh! I think you are seriously going to love these girls, and their love interests, much!

Click HERE to PREORDER your copy of Just as Sweet Now!

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