Wow! How do I sum up my life? .... Well, I'm a mother of Three little princes who light up my life. A wife to a very patient husband who puts up with my hectic thinking. A completely imperfect christian who sees the grace of God everyday. A tattooed, coffee drinking, wears her heart on her sleeve, incessant chatterer!
My love is writing and reading fiction. I have to sing! Like all the time, so church worship is my Jam...along with Daughtry and a smidge of Saving Abel.
As for being an Author, I seriously can not pick a Genre and stick to it. Yes, I'm pretty mixed up. I need comedy, tear jerkers, flawed characters, a little adventure and a big escape. So, I write it all! Don't judge me before you try it! I promise I have something for everyone. 

I also love to chat, share behind the scene going ons and do giveaways just for followers. Catch me on facebook almost daily...okay, daily!

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