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Wow! How do I sum up my life?

Well, I'm a mother of three little princes who light up my life.

A wife to a very patient husband who puts up with my hectic thinking.

A completely imperfect Christian who sees the grace of God every day.

A tattooed, coffee drinking, wears her heart on her sleeve, incessant chatterer!
My love is writing and reading fiction.

I have to sing! Like all the time, so church worship is my jam...along with Daughtry and a smidge of Saving Abel.


As for being an author, I seriously cannot pick a genre and stick to it. That's why I write under two pen names. But here... well, this is me in all the sweet, funny & curvy romances! I love characters that make you laugh. I also love characters that can annoy the heck out of you, lol. 


I also love to chat, share behind the scenes going ons, and do giveaways just for followers. Catch me on Facebook almost daily... okay, always daily!

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