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There are Curvy Girls, but they are not the main focus!

Super cute though, xx Read individually or now available in boxset!

1. Jaxon

Jaxon Nelson wasn't looking for love, especially not after the last woman he tried to date stole his heart and then ran off with another man. Suddenly, out of nowhere, fate threw him the chance of a lifetime when his eyes landed on the curvaceous Callista. All of a sudden, he needed to know her. But like every good fairytale, there was a hitch in the road to happily-ever-after. For Jaxon, nothing was getting in the way when it came to making Callista his.


2. Kayden

Kayden Nelson was done chasing women. The moment his eyes landed on the feisty Kirra, no other woman could even compare. Only problem was she was a tough nut to crack and most definitely not falling for his charm or one-sided smile. 

But Kayden knew when his heart wanted someone, he would stop at nothing to get her attention and keep it. 
Even if that meant getting a door or two slammed in his face.


3. Andrew

Andrew Nelson was finally ready to settle down and find the love of his life. He had his sights set on Nina, the chef at the Nelson ranch retreat, but the only problem was he became a bumbling, incoherent fool every time he was around her. All he needed to do was man up and take the leap, to see if he even had a chance. And sometimes, even when things seemed to be working out for the best, there was always a fork in the road.


4. Bailey

Bailey is the youngest of the Nelson Clan and in no rush to settle down, quit his playboy ways and search for his one true love. Watching his brothers completely flip their lives upside down after finding their own soul mates has confused the heck out of him. But when Marty the beautiful, blonde, Australian cowgirl rides into his life and catches his eye he begins to realise that maybe his brothers weren't so crazy after all. Maybe the heart just wants what the heart wants, and his wants her!

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