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1.Curve My Song

Sassy full figured Bree Carson loves her life, her singing and her two curvy best friends, the chubby Skyla and the always feisty Elise. But still she feels something is missing...

Taylor Cole returns to his home town after leaving a decade ago. When Bree and Taylor are thrust together, old sparks from the past reignite. But can Taylor break through the walls securely built around Bree's heart? Will Bree let him?

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2. Curve My Attitude

Elise Michaels never expected in a million years that the man she betrayed would wind up at her best friend's wedding. 

Charlie Barnes left his home town right after high school and never planned on returning. Now back to support his life long friend, will he be able to handle seeing the woman who broke his heart? Will Charlie ever forgive the Feisty Curvy? Or is love lost between this unlikely duo? 

Curve My Attitude 2-3.jpeg

3. Curve My Heart

Curvy girl Skyla has spent the last few years giving a helping hand and meddling in the lives of her two best friends, Elise and Bree. But is Skyla ready for her own chance at happily ever after?  

Alex Barnes has been head over heels for the cute curvy since the moment they met. After years of sitting on the side lines, it's finally time to pursue the woman who drives him crazy. Will Alex get the girl? Or will Skyla run when the fun stops and secrets are revealed?

Curve My Heart 3-3.jpeg

4. Curve My Valentine

Now that these three best friends have become parents, things have changed drastically. While Bree deals with studying, parenthood and self doubt, will she become paranoid about the people around her?

Elise is struggling with being a mother full time and feels as if her old life has disappeared completely. Will she find who she used to be or will she finally embrace her new role. Or be dragged down into Bree’s dramas.

Skyla has a secret. One that is about to stir up a whole world of dramas. Will she lose her best friends, or will she reveal all to them? 

Curve My Valentine 4.jpeg

5. Curve My Treasure

Things are always happening when it comes to The Curvies. Dive into this book for a few more laughs, friendship dramas, and some wild times. 

Skyla is about to leave on a book tour, so what better way to spend some much needed time with her two Curvy girls than a treasure hunt. When her competitive streak comes out, you can guarantee some serious games are ahead. 

Curve My Treasure 5.jpeg

The Complete Curvies


Fall in love with Bree, Elise and Skyla as they stumble their way through life, love, a little bit of drama and some curvy girl laughs!

The entire five books are ready to read all in one boxset!

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Entire Series is available right now in #kindleunlimited

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