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Fall in love with Insta-Love! These sweet quick reads will have you consuming them in the time it takes you to have your coffee!
So what are you waiting for? Click through to Amazon and grab yours. Read individually or now available in boxset!
Aphrodite's impending arranged marriage has her tied in knots. So what does the goddess of love do to take her mind off the upcoming nuptials? She holds an epic bachelorette night of Insta-love match-ups with poor unsuspecting couples.

Fall in love with this adorable little series where god's and Goddesses stir up a world of trouble, with a dose of love and a few happily-ever-afters. Aphrodite may even get her own!

Couple One- Hayden & Casey
Couple Two- Shawn & Danny
Couple Three- James & Gabby
Couple Four- Justin & Chelsea
Couple Five- Aiden & Nat
Couple Six- Aphrodite & Heaphaestus

These little stories were created so they could be read in the time it takes for you to sit down and enjoy a tea or coffee!
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