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With the new GDPR policy that has come in to effect. I felt I needed to just place a privacy policy for you all to read.It's very simple and I hope covers what needs to be covered.
In no way do I give or sell your email to other Companies.Your email is stored and used to announce my latest Author Sarah Gai updates only.That includes, book releases, sales, freebies, behind the scenes, blog posts and giveaways. 
In no way do I give any of your details to another, for any reason.
 There are cookies used on this site, and links that link to other pages like Amazon where you can purchase my books, or to other authors within a blog post etc.There are also pixels for facebook.
If you do not want to be on my subscribed list, there is an unsubscribe button at the bottom of newsletter that I send out. So feel free to opt out at any time.
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