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  • Author Sarah Gai

Embrace who you are!

The past year my biggest motivation has been all about embracing who I am right now!

For so many years, I have been on a rollercoaster of a ride for one. I went from diet after diet trying to lose weight, always promising myself that when I got a little smaller I would reward myself. Things like buying that dress, or getting my hair done, or when I hit this weight then I'll book that holiday I have been dying to take!

I can't say that I had something in my life that set of the chain of events that happened next, if I'm being honest I just got fed up! I was missing out on living my life to the fullest, because I was always chasing a dream life somewhere in my future, or a better smaller version of myself. The only person I was letting down was myself, and missing out on all the fun I could have been having.

So let me say this first, I love writing Curvy Girl/ Plus Size/ Body Positive fiction, and I had no issues with being bigger than most people. I started writing fiction to celebrate all shapes and sizes of women because I admire those who are confident in themselves. Somedays I loved the person I was and embraced my beauty, other days I just felt fat and frumpy and sulked about it in my leggings and oversized t-shirt.

So anyway... last year, I literally got fed up with not fully loving and embracing the person I was, the person that everyone around me loved, so I put a plan in action. Best plan ever! I started taking steps to appreciate one thing about myself every day. I started, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and going places with the kids, and being active with them. I started living a life, like the characters I write about, and I love it!

I have so much more I want to write about, and take you on my journey. So this year, I want to start talking more on living a plus size life! That doesn't mean that you personally have to be plus size, because I don't think there is a woman today who doesn't struggle with something about themselves. I think we all need a reminder of how beautiful and unique we are, and I also think we all need to start embracing what makes us amazing inside and out! Body confidence regardless of size is so important, and we need to be living our lives to the fullest now, not waiting for the future new and improved version of us!

Along with writing more Rom-Com curvy fiction this year, I will also be diving into curvy girl contemporary romance, that pulls at the heart strings...and maybe even a non fiction book on living a plus size life! What do you think? Let me know your thoughts, and tell me... what hang ups do you find you struggle with?

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