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  • Author Sarah Gai

Why Curvy Girl/Plus Size Fiction?

It's not uncommon for people to ask me what kind of fiction I write, once they know I am an Author for a living. What does get to me, more often than not is when I tell them I write Plus Size fiction.

Some are absolutely elated and can barely believe that they have been missing a super awesome Genre! Some have also given me a look, like really? Then... I got the, "You write about overweight women?" Yeah, I once got that! And my answer was... "Heck yeah I do! And I'm totally proud of it!"

On the opposite end of the scale I have also gotten the, "I'm a plus size girl and these characters aren't big enough." I guess the thing is, I just can't please everyone. But here's what I want you all to know.

I am a plus size woman. I love the person I am, inside and out! I want the world to read not just my books, but other authors Plus Size fiction, because if I'm being honest...It Rocks!

So here I am to answer a few of the questions I have been asked over the years. I thought writing a post could cover more readers than an email here and there.

Why did I decide to write Curvy/Plus Size Fiction?

Truth is, at the time when I first started writing, there wasn't a whole lot. Well, Bridget Jones maybe, and a few very super talented Indie Authors. I just felt that us girls needed to be represented more, in the happily ever after department.

Where did my inspiration for The Curvies come from?

The actual girls were inspired by myself and my very own curvy friends.Who are just as funny and dramatic in real life!

What do you hope people get from your stories?

That no matter what you weigh, you can be the star of your own romance, or crazy plus size life. My stories are just more than the characters size. It's body positivity at it's best. I want my books to resonate with you, no matter who you are, what you do, how you look...every reader will see themselves in at least one of my characters, whether it be emotionally, physically or situational.

So why should you read Curvy Girl/Plus Size Fiction?

Because I think it's a genre you just have to try!It's a genre that needs to be shared, read, seen and talked about with all of your girls!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and got something out of it. If you want to help me love up on this genre, and get the word out, then please share this on your social media, email it, text it, tell your friends to love it too! Or drop me a line and say HI! I'm always around here somewhere.... or join my newsletter and find out about New Releases, Giveaways and my plus size life!

Love, Author Sarah Gai

P.S Want to check out my Curvy Girl/Plus Size books on AMAZON! I also write contemporary too!

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