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Author Sarah Gai: Read/Share/Win

Hello lovelies! Just a quirky update in this crazy life of mine! If you've been following me on Facebook then you know I have quite a few books lined up for this year,with some surprise twists coming! But I'm not ready to let you in on some of them just yet.

While The Sparkles book Club series is ready and on pre order I have been writing up a storm on not one, but two more Curvies Books.

That's right, you are about to get more of Skyla, Elise and Bree! I have been working tirelessly on the upcoming novellas in this series and I think you're going to love them!

Now...while you nail bitingly wait for those to release this year, why not check out Sparkles in Love or some of my Coffee Reads. Oh, did I mention I have a new Coffee Read coming out?

That's right, Running Nowhere is a short sweet romantic thriller, that will keep you entertained while you sit back, relax, enjoy a cuppa and fall in love with those characters.

Another great thing to happen is that I decided to start a new website called Plus Size Fiction. I love writing it, so I thought why not have a website that promotes other great curvy girl writers also! If you haven't signed up to the newsletter, then what are you waiting for!

Now if you have read through this entire post, and still not bored, then let's have a giveaway!

Share this post or tag your friends and maybe you'll be the lucky one to win a Sparkles in Love ebook! or a copy of the not yet published Running Nowhere Coffee Read!

So what are you waiting for! Follow me on facebook, instagram or sign up for my newsletter and come along for the ride! Because life is too short not to enjoy it,

Love Sarah Gai, xx

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