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Lazy Sick Days & Author Coffee Updates!

Haha, I love these photo overlay apps. When you're in bed feeling too sick to really do anything, you tend to somehow manage to surf through your phone and find something like this!

And here's the thing that sucks... I am so on fire with wanting to write, and yet my body is screaming, 'Nooooo, you must sleep, your brain must rest." That's right, the entire family is sick.Not that i'm surprised, it's coming into Winter here in Australia and like clockwork a week before we all come down with the flu.

In the end I wound up just laying down and watching Nicholas Sparks movies most of the day. And I am most definitely not complaining about that.

As for my Coffee and news catch up, the coffee has been replaced with a lemsip. This week I am so excited to have Love in the Sand almost ready to go. A nice short story to add to my Coffee Reads. A sweet little romance that will leave you with a sigh. So join my facebook page or group to be oe of the first to know the release date.

Here's a little teaser from the story ....

Pushing myself up, I brush the gritty sand from my backside and turn, making my way back through the dunes towards my car. For a brief moment I pause and turn to take one last look at Bryce; he's sitting on his board and, for just a moment, I swear he is looking at me. I know better, but that's the thing; there was always this hope with me, hope that past sins could be forgiven.

- Love in the Sand by Sarah Gai.

Until next time, stay awesome and remember to visit me on my facebook page, to keep up to date with all the latest news or just say hello!

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