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  • Sarah Gai

Waiting World Keepers

I am so excited by this series!!!

I know that most of you know me in the area of romantic comedy, plus size and chick lit, but yes...I also write fantasy and New adult romance.

This year I wanted to go a little different and try my hand at writing a fantasy serial. I love a lot of action in fantasy so I decided to make episodes where the stories were fast pace. Every time you buy one of the episodes you are getting some serious kick butt scenes.

If you haven't read these yet, then please do so. I loved writing Raine, Austin, Charlie, Kale...Oh my goodness, okay I enjoyed writing them all!

Next post I will be doing some behind the scenes, about the process and the characters. SO come along on this journey, mix genres and get a little romance , quirk, drama, action and laughter all from one!

Here is the link to get you started AMAZON

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