1.Just as Sweet

Alyssa- I had officially sworn of the whole blind dating thing, after winding up with flop after flop. So when Flynn Colson appears out of nowhere and lands in my candy store, I do the only thing I am prepared to do when he asks me on a date…I say no.

Flynn- I wasn’t looking for love, but what do you do when you spot a curvy angel that silently calls to you like a siren? You ask her out and get hit with the rejection stick hard! But that won’t stop me. I have a plan, I just pray it doesn’t blow up in my face.

Just as sweet final....jpg

2. Ready to Bloom

Savannah- I was still mourning over being dumped by my ex, and hoping that he would come back. Then out of nowhere, Hudson Colson, makes his intentions known, and I am more than a little shocked. How have I never noticed him before? And am I really ready to move on?

Hudson- She has no idea how often I have dreamed of being with her. That perfect face and every curve of her body draws me to want to make her mine. Problem is, I am yet to admit my feelings. But I have a plan, maybe a good one, maybe one that will kick me where it hurts. Either way, she is about to discover how much I have to have her in my life. But like every good love story, there’s always a hitch in the road to happiness. I just hope it won’t break us. 

ready to bloom final.jpg

3. Bit of Spice

Willow - I’m the girl who never makes a commitment when it comes to relationships. I’m happy being single, and everyone who knows me knows that. The one rule I live by, or should I say the one code I never break, is to never get involved with a friend or a friend of a friend. So when Garth, the man who has made his silly crush on me known for months, gives me a no-strings-attached proposition, I break my one and only rule. Let me repeat this… do not get involved with friends!

Garth - She is everything I want. Curves that scream to be touched with an attitude that is straight to the point. Yeah, Willow is a woman with a bold personality, but inside I know she’s all sugary sweet. So when the opportunity presents itself to get closer to the one person I need to know more about, I take it. I offer her a friends with benefits kind of deal. She thinks I’m all for that, but little does she know that’s just a compromise. One way or another, I’m hoping I can get her to fall in love with me.

Bit of Spice Final.jpg